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Ez Vape 5 vaporizer

Ez Vape 5 - Easy Vape Five

Ever thought of having a relaxed smoke in the middle of your living room, yet not be a nuisance to your friends or family members. What if you can plan a “weed party” for your friends in your apartment this week-end yet remain odorless or smokeless to your immediate neighbors? If this sounds incredible then it is high time you read more about this unique product and how it is fastly changing the concept of a smoke free experience.

The Ez Vape 5 Vaporizer is as easy to sneak through your next smoke drag as it is to remain anonymous of your past-time activities. As compared to the traditional ways of burning the weed, with the easy vape there is no smoke or the pungent smell of the weed smoke. This is possible because of the convection process used in this process where the marijuana or weed is heated through hot air which passes over it thus causing it to vaporize. Not only this totally eradicates the carcinogenic properties of any smoke which arises out of combustion but this also actually preserves the more finer ingredients of the herb or marijuana whichever is used to have the drag experience. Made of polycarbonate material, this medical marijuana vaporizer is built to last a lifetime and very light to carry around when having your drag.

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Why Ez Vape Five Vaporizer

Compared to other manual vaporizers, the main advantage of the Ez Vape Five digital vaporizer is the option to actually review the temperature which is suitable for all your types of herbs. You don’t have to stress about finding the perfect temperature to heat your stuff whether it is marijuana or any medical herb because the digital display will actually show you exactly the temperature increase which you can modify for all your needs. The display on this new Easy Vape Vaporizer divided in 4 sections; the upper part of the Ez Vape 5 display you will notice that there are 3 blocks which are temperature and time related.Ez Vape 5 vaporizer colors availabe
The Easy Vape 5 vaporizer weed boasts 5 buttons which takes your vaporizing experience into the 21st Century. They not only help you navigate through the menu, but they allow you to make changes to your vaporizer. Below is a list of the buttons and what they do:

Available in Black, Blue and Red color sets, the Ez Vape 5 convection vaporizer comes with a whip and a glass mouthpiece.Another great new feature that the Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer weed has over any of its rivals is that the glass heating element contains a ceramic filter for the weed instead of a metal screen. In other words, by utilising the ceramic filter, you can vaporize on and on without wearing it down.
Ez Vape 5 vaporizer Features

Ez Vape 5 Features

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Easy Vape 5 Shopping Online

With all these possibilities waiting to happen, it would be a sin to just wait and not grab your nearest computer, pay a visit online at EZVAPE5.COM and order this wonderful product. Compared to other fancy vaporizers in the market, the Ez Vape 5 vaporizer comes cheap at $79.95 which is especially a very cheap price tag on a product with such wonderful add-ons. Backed with a 5 year warranty period you can remain assured that this buyout will remain one of the most economical decisions of your lifetime when it comes to a little investment for your health.

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Direct Sales Hotline - 1.213.985.2399
Email: orders@shoptegrity.com

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